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SCADA Data Analysis

The solution that will highlight what usual human brain will miss

With the aim of detecting underperformances, anomalies and deviations of your assets, our experts have developed a reliable method of SCADA data analysis, now widely recognized. This method leads to the performance improvement of your renewable energy farms.

Based on an Artificial Neural Network core, our method can be used to analyze any complex mechanical systems.

Anomaly detection: our experts are able to spot the periods which registered the largest deviations and look for the root of this degradation

Time and cost saving: the architecture of our SCADA Data Analysis is designed to avoid the remote sensors on the top of the nacelle or the need of a met mast, using the system implemented by your manufacturer

Configuration: our experts can analyze if the SCADA settings have been configured in the most efficient way

Independent and non biased analysis: our SCADA Data Analysis provides fast and reliable results

Our Method

Modelling of the real production using recommended parameters crossing variables with the real output flagged according running states (curtailed wind turbine, underperforming WTG, etc.)

Integration of records from manufacturer monitoring system, meteorological towers, SoDAR or LiDAR

Concatenation of the deviations to conduct a root cause analysis

Some examples of key findings

Application of a new transfer curve by the manufacturer that suspiciously improved performance

Proof of a better power stability after the correction of an aerodynamic imbalance

Unappropriated shift between triangle and star generator configuration

Detection of a failure in the pitch regulation system, causing a blade fall

Detection and evaluation of the impact of ice on the production

Detection of a curtailment plan with wrong settings

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Deep Learning

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