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Mobile solution adapted for managing your renewable projects

4Op noticed a real need in the renewable energy business for a mobile solution which improves and helps managing EnR projects. For this reason, 4Op and Safenergy (expert in mobile solution) are working hand in hand to adapt & improve its existing platform, oriented and well-known in the oil & gas industry, to meet all requirements specific to managing renewable energy projects. The Safenergy® platform will improve managing renewable energy projects and optimize data flows throughout all different stages of the project such as construction, maintenance, inspection and security. 

During the life cycle of renewable energy projects, an enormous amount of data is generated and processed. This data is not always correctly stored and shared with all players which results in a loss of data and a loss of time.



Create Powerful Industrial Apps using our Platform


Our platform allows you to create customized apps according to your projects and needs. You can build your own structure using predefined or personalised icons for more clarity. It is a step towards the digitalisation of your internal processes and the dematerialisation of your safety, operating and maintenance documents.

Accessibility​ & Mobility

All documents and procedures are available anytime and anywhere even when not connected. All functionalities of smartphones and tablets can be used such as fully referenced photos to enhance site activity. Photos and comments can also be geolocalised to facilitate the follow-up.


Documents and pictures can be shared in real time which will improve reactivity and follow-up by different players. All data entered on site is automatically transferred to the webportal. Documents can be signed, shared and edited by all different players. It is an interactive and collaborative platform which will facilitate the data flows resulting from site visits.

No Coding

Intuitive Framework

Little Training


The webportal allows you to generate automatically reports and analyses using your own logo and customized templates depending on your needs. Reports can be exported into excel, word and pdf for easier processing.



Offline Capabilities

Real Time