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When human & machine data create smart data

Park Management® is a R&D project invented and created by 4Op, Safenergy & 8.2 France. Our years of experience have learned us that a lot of data is generated during the life cycle of a wind farm but that all this data is not always stored and used in the most efficient way. This is the reason why we have combined our know-how to create the software solution Park Management®.

The project focuses on creating smart data out of human & machine data. On the one hand we have the Safenergy® platform which has been developped to collect and process human data and on the other hand we have SCADA Mining® our software that analyses and treats machine data. Park Management® is a software solution that will connect those two systems in order to create smart data. Questions such as "Why do I have less output?" can be answered more easily and linked to maintenance interventions, software upgrades etc.

Park Management

Smart Data

Human Data

Safenergy Platform

Machine Data

SCADA Mining

Park Management® has a big potentiel in this competitive world and is really oriented towards performance, innovation & the industry of the futur. In early 2018, our project won a French government contest Readynov and is being financed by the Occitanie Region which has accelerated the development phase.